KLE Banyan Hubballi

Nurturing Gen Next for a bright future
Building a strong platform of values
Providing value based education to our young ones
Making learning fun and engaging
Nurturing creativity and talent

A Few Words About Our Centre

KLE Society’s noble mission of education has established itself into a chain of educational institutions across Karnataka and Maharashtra. Under its wing addition has been made under the name KLE The Banyan, located at Hubballi. It was established in the year 2009. The Banyan is a well-established school exclusively equipped with the state of the art facilities. It has well-furnished equipment suitable for children. We have a well-maintained splash pool, technically equipped classrooms, healthy and nutritious food and ample play area facilities.

Why KLE The Banyan?

Child centric classrooms


Spacious Dining

Only Female

Student-Teacher ratio of 15:1

Play Pool

Secure play area

Activity Room

Yoga room

Van Facility

A glimpse of Our Activities

Letters from Board Members

Dr. Prabhakar B. Kore
Chairman, KLE Society

Message from the Chairman

“Agriculture and Education are the two key areas, which will define the future of our country. It is imperative that modern farming methods be employed to ensure the food security of not only the farming community but the nation itself. Education is the foundation upon which we build tomorrow and our focus must be to build diversity and excellence into the educational system such that every challenge ahead is met with confidence. We believe that education empowers the individual and benefits the entire community. We have a vision of high quality lifelong learning, accessible to all.”

Message from the Co-ordinator

“Children are the most creative beings on earth. If only we could provide channels for that creativity to blossom. Isaac Newton once said: ” If I have seen further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” Your parents and your teachers along with the millions of people who have lived and learned before you have provided the shoulders. You have the opportunity and the responsibility to see further, to learn more, to make a better world.”
At KLE The Banyan, we create responsible & successful Global citizens nurtured in safe, innovative and academically rigorous environment.”

Dr. Preeti Doddwad
Coordinator, KLE Society's English Medium Schools
Ms. Aditi Sudhanva Deshpande
Centre Head, KLE The Banyan, Hubballi

Message from the Centre Head

The goal of early childhood education is to let the child explore his or her abilities and interests. At The Banyan, we nurture growing minds, allowing them to discover their potential, with us as catalysts to facilitate their holistic development.
We handle a super intelligent, articulate and volatile generation, always eager to know more. The activities and learning at school focus on the need of the hour. Nurturing young individuals in a secure, positive and creative environment, we hope to provide them with a strong foundation to face tomorrow’s real time challenges. We are glad that our parents choose to enroll their children in The Banyan, over many other options.

New Admission

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